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Parties, Events, & Gifts!
We are proud to introduce our original Fable Friends characters. 
All our Characters are available to attend Events Online.
Each unique character has a few fables to be discovered!
Lily The Fairy
*Resource Sustainability
*Positive Thinking 
Sirena Mermaid
*Water Conservation 
*Ocean Cleanliness
Meet Real Fairyland Characters!
Pirate Crew
*Sharing & Gratitude
*Friendship & Inclusion
Unicorn Princess
*Appreciation of Uniqueness 
*Peace, Love, Unity, Respect
Fairy Godmother
*Finding your own Path
*Job Responcibility

Woodland Fairy
*Forest Conservation 
*Animal Rescue,
Rehabilitation, & Release
Flower Fairy
*Gardening and Flowers
*Nature Responsibility 
Monarch Queen
*Butterfly Conservation
*Monarch Re-population
Candy King
*The Power of a Smile
*Kindness is Key
Real Unicorns
*Trail Ride & Picnic 
Cupcake Princess
*Healthy Eating