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Parties, Events, & Gifts!
Parties, Events, & Gifts!
Kingston / Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Party Appointment Details; 
  • Please keep kids away from windows when characters are arriving and leaving.
  • Party should be booked 2-4 weeks in advance.
  • Lily The Fairy requires a 50% non-refundable Booking Fee at the time of scheduling.
  • Please have a Rainy Day Location in mind in case Mother Nature decides to water her plants.
  • Change of venue requires 24 hour advanced notice.
  • Parents must be in attendance at all times. 
  • Suggested age is 4 to 9.
  • Maximum 10 Guests per Character booked.
  • Lily The Fairy is available to attend many types of occasions including; Birthdays, Fundraisers, Wedding Receptions, Baby Showers, Family Reunions, Daycare Parties, Libraries, Parades, etc.
  • Donations welcome.
  • Please do your best to keep the magic alive and always have fun!
Hours of Availability
11 AM - 7 PM
11 AM - 7 PM
11 AM - 6 PM
Please Inquire
Q: Where can Lily The Fairy & Friends go for events?
A: We travel from our portal in Tamworth to Kingston, Napanee, Belleville, Sharbot Lake/Verona, Ottawa, Toronto, GTA, and pretty much everywhere in between! 
Feel free to ask about areas of service and travel fees for extra distances!
Anything else, any questions or comments?
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How many guests are expected?
Rainy Day Location? Give address please.
Where is this event located? Give address please.
How old is your child turning?
What is your child's name?
What time does the event start?
How long do you want us to attend?
Do you want a second character? if so, who?
1 hour is $50 / 2 hours $70
What Character do you want for your event?
1 hour is $140 / 2 hours is $250
What is the Date of your event? *required*
Book Your Party Now!
Thanks so much for your inquiry!
This is a great form for party planning, it will give us all the info we need to make your day sparkle with excitement.
If you are looking to book a party please answer these questions and Lily's Fairy GodMother will get back to you quickly.
Party Conformation upon Deposit. 
Loot Bags (no candy) $5.00 each. How many?
Additional Tinker Treasure Gift $10.00
Fairy Fantasy Art Photo $30.00
Dress-Up Chest Rental $30.00